Weekly Style Challenge Wrap Up

Friday, August 1, 2014

This week heralded the end of the July Fox in Flats Style Dare. It was such a fun month and I really enjoyed testing the boundaries of my wardrobe every day. Read what I learnt from the challenge here. Thanks Fox in Flats for setting the challenge, and I look forward to the next one in September!

So, here's what I wore for the last six days in the challenge.

Day 26: all black

ASOS knit, Dotti pants, old denim shirt, Therapy Bretons and beanie from eBay.


Day 27: romantic

Floral headpiece from The Iconic, white shirt from Temt, and I curled my hair.

Day 28: new hair style

I actually had a hairdressing appointment today so it was quite easy! Thanks Jess from NJCGM Hair & Beauty.


Day 29: the eyes have it

Used a gift from my dad, a Chanel natural eye quad.

Day 30: mixed prints

Striped Witchery top with Emerson by Big W skirt I'd never previously worn. I now have a new outfit!

Day 31: I just love this

St Frock top, Target jeans and Rubi boots. This outfit forms part of its own post, here.

Now the month is over, what do I wear?! :)


Four Things I Learnt From A Month-Long Style Challenge

So, I've just completed the Fox In Flats month-long July Style Dare. A style challenge on a large scale, the style dare has many participants across Australia and the world, with each day offering a different prompt and an idea of what to wear and how to wear it. Andrea Michelle, the foxy Fox In Flats herself, says of the style dare:

"As lots of us keep discovering, Style Dares are a fun and easy way to inspire the way we dress each day.

They challenge us to try things we might ordinarily dismiss.

They push us to rummage through our wardrobes and rediscover items we haven’t worn in ages.

And they force us to be more creative."

And what did I experience? Pretty much that exactly - with a few additions, and they are as follows - what I learnt from a month-long style challenge:

1. I should just wear what I really want to wear.

You know that outfit that you planned in your head, or that piece of clothing you think is too 'fashionable', too 'revealing', 'too young' or too 'not you'. If you love it, wear it.

I had this vintage t-shirt I bought off Etsy, and I always thought it was a bit too 'rocker', a bit too 'hipster' for me to wear. The style dare dared me to wear it, and I did, for a whole day, and it felt great. The smile on my face resulted in quite a few compliments and even the barista at the hipster coffee shop said 'cool t-shirt'. For a mum pushing a pram and wearing a nursing bra underneath said cool t-shirt, that felt pretty good.

Style dare 'rock star' - my vintage t-shirt

Same goes for a midi skirt I bought, loved but quickly dismissed as too long for my 5ft 2 (and a bit) frame. Wore it to a friend's engagement party and felt fab. Just wear that thing.

Midi skirt from Lucy In The Sky, dress as a top, Tony Bianco heels

2. My wardrobe is pretty neat.

Well, not neat as in tidy, neat as in good (1950s, Happy Days style). I have a lottttt of clothes. A shopaholic at heart, a bargain hunter by nature and a hoarder by birth, I've collected clothing since I first spent my birthday money on a slinky, draped, crossover black top from the local fashion boutique at age 16. Aaand, I still have that top. So to summarise, I don't have much room in the cupboard. But although I might not have the expensive designer pieces or the hottest new style, I learnt to make the most of what I've got. During the month, I rediscovered some old favourites and wore things I'd never worn before.

As a new mum, this made the challenge even more beneficial because a) I didn't spend money and b) I was creative and designed new outfits to allow for nursing (hello t-shirt tucked into a high waisted skirt, sweater over a button-up shirt, colourful scarf as a cover-up).

'Forget I had this' dare - vintage knit, Cotton On jeans, Kmart boots
'All black' dare - Dotti pants, ASOS knit, Therapy shoes, eBay beanie

3. It is worth the extra time to look glam.

Dressing nicely each day makes you feel better. Even though most days I'd had four or maybe five hours' sleep the night before, dressing up each day makes you feel more alive, and as one of my good mama friends says, more 'human'. It is worth the time. You are worth it!

'Romantic' dare - floral garland from The Iconic

4. Community is certainly not dead, and people are awesome.

When I was feeling down, tired, sick, cranky - the other style darers would cheer me up - a simple 'love your outfit' goes a long way. And do you know what feels even better than getting compliments? Giving them. I loved perusing everyone's photo for the day and commenting on them. Certainly gained a lot of style inspo from them as well! So here's to you, awesome ladies of the style dare, including the original herself - Fox in Flats. Thank you xx

Have you ever taken part in a style challenge? How did you find it?









Sequins For Day Made Easy | What I'm Wearing

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Today's Fox In Flats Style dare was the last for the month. I've had so much fun and have met so many lovely ladies along the way, I almost don't want it to end. If you're thinking of getting on board with a style challenge, I'll post later on what I've learnt and why it's such an awesome thing to do. So stay tuned :)

Anyway, today's dare was 'I just love this'. I took the chance to pair three of my fave outfit pieces together for the ultimate cosy, casual-yet dressy winter outfit. It features my fave Target sale jeans (outfit post featuring them also here), my Rubi boots and my new favourite knit - this gorgeous number by St Frock. The knit is so cosy, warm, soft and 100% cotton. The BEST feature though, of course, is the sequinned elbow patches. Sequins in the day? This knit makes it as easy as pie. I love the grey, however there's also white, pink and black. LOVE.


Target jeans, on sale - now sold out, similar here

Rubi boots, last year, similar here

(Gifted) St Frock Secret Lovers sequin elbow knit top, AUD$59 here

An outtake ;)

Do you wear sequins during the day? Do you have a baby that is teething and needs to be picked up all of the time?!


Fast Five With A Broke Girl's Blog | Talking Bargains

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

If you haven't stumbled across the gorgeous A Broke Girls Blog (@abrokegirlsblog) yet, do yourself a favour and check it out, pronto. Creator of the blog, the stunning Brisbane-based student Prue Richardson, is a girl of my own heart - a professional bargain hunter! Prue has mastered the art of selecting trends to try and picking pieces that can be paired together for ultimate impact, for the least amount of cash. Her Instagram account is a must-follow. Prue graciously gave up some time in her ridiculously busy schedule to chat bargains and must-haves with Pretty Chuffed in the first of our Fast Five With series. So here we are, the Fast Five Questions With A Broke Girl's Blog!

1. You're headed on a mystery weekend away! What are the first three things you throw in your weekend bag?

iPhone (obviously), my Bailey Nelson sunglasses and my wallet (despite being empty, it's always necessary).

2. What's your current winter must have?

A good staple coat. I am obsessing over my new Lioness camel coat - you can't separate us!

Prue in her Lioness coat, ASOS t-shirt and boots and Topshop jeans (Photo courtesy A Broke Girl's Blog)

3. What are you most looking forward to wearing come warmer weather?

You can't beat the basics. I can't wait to just throw on some denim shorts and a tee and not get frostbite!

4. What's your best ever bargain?

This is a tricky one! Every week I feel like I find a new best bargain BUT I actually have to say my black, high waisted Ksubi jeans. I got them in a warehouse sale for just $50 and I have worn them straight for three years and still going... I am wearing them right now (haha).

5. You've got $100 to splash on yourself. Where do you click or visit first?

ASOS, Glassons, Beginning Boutique and Melrose Ave at Westfield.


(Photo courtesy A Broke Girl's Blog)

If you haven't already, check out more of Prue's finds and amazing style at www.abrokegirlsblog.com







Three of the Best | Chunky Cable Knit Jumpers

Monday, July 28, 2014

Although Spring fashion seems to be filling the stores already, we've still got another month of winter, and in Brisbane, August usually seems to be the coldest month of all! So, it's certainly not time to pack away those winter woollies.

I've been searching all winter for the perfect cable knit jumper to wear with jeans and boots on casual days, or dressed up with leather pants. I've finally found three favourites, and I especially love the Three of Something knit, which at $100 is not exactly a bargain, however it's a worthwhile investment. I'm in LOVE with it!

So without further ado, here's three of my favourite cable knits available now.

Three of Something Solstice knit AUD$100

Side Zip Jumper at Front Row Shop US$74

Next Cable Jumper AUD$62


Are you a cable knit jumper fan?


Must-have Monday | The Taupe Ankle Boot

Today's must-have Monday was a bit of a no brainer - I've been wearing my taupe ankle boots ridiculously often the last couple of weeks. With this year's lighter winter shades, the taupe ankle boot is a must have - perfect for wearing with white or lighter denim washes.

I've been loving mine with jeans, a black or white top and a simple leopard scarf. I bought my favourites at Kmart last year, but I've been seriously eyeing off these Spurr Basics boots, especially since they're only $39.95!

Spurr Basics taupe boot AUD$39.95